And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; [3:103]

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Caspian Sea nations sign landmark deal

[16th August 2018]

Turkey Erdogan and wife June 2018 after victory

The leaders of the five states bordering the resource-rich Caspian Sea signed a landmark deal on Sunday on the legal status of the inland sea which boasts a wealth of oil and gas reserves and sturgeon.[Details...]


Turkey election: Erdogan wins re-election as president

[25th June 2018]

Turkey Erdogan and wife June 2018 after victory

Turkey's long-standing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a new five-year term after securing outright victory in the first round of a presidential poll. Mr Erdogan got nearly 53% with almost all votes counted. His closest rival Muharrem Ince was on 31%.[Details...]


At OIC, Muslim nations condemn Israel and US, call for unity

[19th May 2018]

Turkey OIC Summit May 18

Muslim nations on Friday condemned Israel and the inauguration of the American embassy in contested Jerusalem as a “provocation and hostility against” the Islamic world, while Turkey’s president called for action, including a peacekeeping force.[Details...]


Mahathir Muhammad, 92, sworn in as world's oldest elected leader after shock win in Malaysia

[12th May 2018]

Mahathir Muhammad Prime Minister

Mahathir Muhammad was sworn in as the world's oldest prime minister late on Thursday evening, making an extraordinary political comeback as Malaysia's leader at the age of 92.[Details...]



[8th May 2018]

OIC Meeting 2018

Islamic foreign ministers on Sunday launched a campaign to mobilize international support for action against Myanmar over the Rohingya refugee crisis, officials said. [Details...]


Iran at UN offers dialogue to end 'hegemonic illusions'

[25th April 2018]

Iranian Foriegn Minister

Iran invited Gulf countries Tuesday to open talks on regional security, telling the United Nations it was time to move away from "hegemonic illusions" that have fueled devastating wars.[Details...]


ITFC gives $3.285 billion loan to Pakistan

[9th April 2018]

Pakistan ITFC loan

The International Islamic Trade Finance Corp (ITFC) has agreed to lend Pakistan $3.285 billion, its chief executive said on Thursday. [Details...]


A large oil and gas discovery in Bahrain

[9th April 2018]

Bahrain Oil/Gas discovery

Large quantities of oil and gas have been discovered off the western coast of Bahrain, potentially altering the economic fortunes of the small Kingdom. The announcement was made on 2 April; on 4 April, the country’s minister of oil held a press conference where a few more details were given. [Details...]

Muslim World

Six Muslim states have qualified for the football World Cup 2018

[9th April 2018]

FIFA World Cup 2018


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia announces $2bn bailout for Yemen government

[17th January 2018]

Saudi Arabia King Salman announces bailout for Yamen

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday it would transfer $2 billion to Yemen`s central bank, following desperate calls for funding from the war-torn country`s president and prime minister.[Details...]


Erdogan accuses US, Israel of meddling in Iran`s internal affairs

[5th January 2018]

Turkey President Tayyip accuses US Israel

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that it is not possible for Turkey to approve of the U.S. and Israel's interference in the internal affairs of other countries, namely Iran and Pakistan, [Details...]

Pakistan - Afghanistan

China and Pakistan consider including Afghanistan in $57 billion economic corridor, as Beijing looks to broker peace between troubled neighbors

[28th December 2017]

Pakistan Afghanistan Chian Foriegn Ministers

The first trilateral minister-level dialogue, to discuss possible economic and security cooperation as China expands its economic interests in Pakistan. [Details...]

Pakistan - Afghanistan

China, Afghanistan, Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue held in Beijing

[28th December 2017]

Pakistan Afghanistan Chian Foriegn Minister meeting

Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Wang Yi of the People`s Republic of China and Salahuddin Rabbani of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan held the 1st China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers` Dialogue in Beijing, on December 26.[Details...]


Speaker Conference agrees on partnership for peace, connectivity

[26th December 2017]

Sixth Nation Speaker Conference Islamabad

The six-nation Speakers Conference on Sunday adopted a 29-point Islamabad Declaration of partnership for regional peace, development and connectivity.[Details...]

State of Palestine

UN votes resoundingly to reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital

[22nd December 2017]

UN resolution resultes

The United Nations general assembly has delivered a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump, voting by a huge majority to reject his unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. [Details...]

State of Palestine

Security Council fails to adopt resolution on Jerusalem

[19th December 2017]

UN resolution about Jerusalem

The United Nations Security Council on Monday failed to adopt the draft resolution that reflects regret among the body's members about “recent decisions regarding the status of Jerusalem,” with a negative vote by the United States. [Details...]

West Africa

Saudi Arabia, UAE pledge $130m towards G5 Sahel force

[16th December 2017]

Africa G5 SAHEL

Saudi Arabia has pledged $100 million towards the five-nation anti-terror force in the Sahel region of West Africa. The pledge was confirmed by French president Emmanuel Macron who also announced that the United Arab Emirates has offered $30 million.[Details...]


OIC wants East Jerusalem to be Palistine's capital

[14th December 2017]

Turkey OIC Summit Dec 17

Islamic leaders on Wednesday urged the world to recognise occupied East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, as Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas warned the United States no longer had any role to play in the peace process.[Details...]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – Pakistan Axis launches new “anti-terrorism” coalition

[28th November 2017]

Saudi Arabia IMCTC foriegn ministers

Saudi Defense Minister, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman opened the first meeting of the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition or IMCTC.[Details...]

Turkey - Iran

Russia, Turkey and Iran Propose Conference on Postwar Syria’s Future

[22th November 2017]

Azerbaijan Turkey Rail Route Opening

The three leaders, who were meeting in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, underscored Russia`s increasingly influential role in determining the outcome of the war, which appears to be winding down after nearly seven years.[Details...]

Azerbaijan - Turkey

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey launch 'Silk Road' rail link

[31st October 2017]

Azerbaijan Turkey Rail Route Opening

The leaders of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia launched an 826-km (500-mile) rail link connecting the three countries, [Details...]

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Just Announced Plans to Build a Mega City That Will Cost $500 Billion

[27th October 2017]

9th D8 Summit Turkey

New city, called NEOM, to be connected to Egypt, Jordan. Plan is latest mega project announced by the kingdom. [Details...]


9th D-8 Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey

[23th October 2017]

9th D8 Summit Turkey

The 9th Summit of the Developing Eight Organization for Economic Cooperation took place on 20th October 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. [Details...]

Saudi Arabia

Russia rolls out the red carpet for Saudi king with billion-dollar deals on the table

[5th October 2017]

King Salman in Russia

King Salman while traveling to the center of Moscow was greeted with numerous billboards, emblazoned with his own image and a message welcoming him to Russia in Arabic and Russian.[Details...]


President Ghani calls meeting Gen Qamar Bajwa as “new opportunity” to move forward

[4th October 2017]

COAS Pakistan visit to Afghanistan

It is stated that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani stressed over practical measures to consolidate the environment of trust and confident created between Pakistan and Afghanistan. [Details...]


Halimah Yacob named Singapore's first female president

[14th September 2017]

Singapore President Halimah Yacob

Halimah Yacob, a former speaker of parliament from the Muslim Malay minority, did not have to face an election [Details...]

Saudi Arabia

Madinah capital of Islamic Tourism

[April 2017]

Madinah Capital of Islamic Tourism

Madinah... Taibah AlTaibah... Earned and well deserved to win the title of The Capital Islamic Tourism ... [Details...]


Regional leaders in Islamabad for ECO summit

[1st March 2017]

13th ECO Summit 2017



4th Islamic Solidarity Games Baku Azerbaijan 12-22 May 2017

[February 2017]

Azerbaijan Baku 2017 Games




President Ilham Aliyev signs order on Declaration of 2017 Year of Islamic Solidarity

[11th January 2017]

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev

President Ilham Aliyev signed declaration of year of 2017 a Year of Islamic Solidarity.[Details...]


Pakistani-American doctor wins Nato Scientific Achievement Award 2016

[28th December 2016]

Pakistan Dr Rashid Chotani

A Pakistani-American doctor has won the 'Scientific Achievement Award 2016' [Details...]


Iran urges Islamic countries to counter terrorist movements

[December 2016]

Iran Speaker Ali Larijani with Zulkifli Hasan of Indonesia

Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Monday that it is necessary that Islamic countries cooperate to counter the terrorist movements. [Details...]


Iran proposes regional anti-terror bloc to include Saudis

[December 2016]

Iran Speaker Ali Larijani

Iran has proposed the formation of a bloc of Muslim countries to fight terrorism and boost economic cooperation that would include its regional rival Saudi Arabia. [Details...]

Turkmenistan - Afghanistan

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan inaugurate new rail link.

[November 2016]

Afghan - Turkmen Railway Link

The presidents of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan on Monday officially opened a new railroad that will link the oil-rich Turkmenistan with Afghanistan. [Details...]

RTW [America]

Obama's nomination of first Muslim federal judge.

[September 2016]

Abid Qureshi

Abid Qureshi was selected to serve on Washington`s US district court. [Details...]


Uzbekistan's president Islam Karimov dies aged 78.

[August 2016]

President Islam Karimov


First Pakistani boxer to win WBC silver flyweight title.

[July 2016]


Pakistan`s only professional boxer Muhammad Waseem Sunday defeated Philippines` Jether Oliva for World Boxing Council (WBC) Silver flyweight title in Seoul. [details...]


Aircraft deal with Turkey likely next month.

[July 2016]



Mali Gold Export 2015

[July 2016]

RTW [Germany]

Muhterem Aras first Muslim woman elected as speaker in German state parliament.

[May 2016]

Muhterem Aras

RTW [United Kingdom]

Sadiq Khan elected London`s first Muslim mayor.

[May 2016]

Sadiq Khan

Saudi Arabia

KSA forms 34-country Islamic military alliance against terror

[December 2015]

34 Muslim Countries Unite


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